I bought a house recently and there is a security system that was pre-installed during the initial build. The previous owner was using CPI Security, a Carolina based company, to monitor it. But there were a few problems. I wanted to monitor the system myself and there was no key to the lock box. Additionally, the master bedroom had a sensor on it meaning the door had to be closed in order to arm the system. Needless to say, I had to figure out what was what and how to take ownership of the system.

NOTE: You must know your…

If you use Cypress and GraphQL in your project, you may want to test workflows that require mocking calls to GraphQL. There is no native support in Cypress for managing a GraphQL mock in an efficient way. Therefore, we need to create something custom. I will show a solution that I adapted from comments on this GitHub issue.

Defining my Criteria

When I first started, I wasn’t sure exactly how I wanted to configure GraphQL mocking. I knew I wanted to satisfy the following criteria:

  • Abstract the GraphQL Mock so test configuration was minimized and leverage Cypress functionality.
  • Allow the mock to be…

Imagine a community shares a credit card account to make all their purchases. Each person gets their own card to use as needed.

Individual voting is like each person going about their days shopping at various stores, but when they get to the checkout there is no display. They can’t see what each item is as it is scanned or what it costs. After the cashier is finished scanning everything, they verbally say the order sum to our community member. Then the individual dips their credit card and leaves without a receipt.

Voting results are like the monthly credit card…

If you run an HDHomeRun DVR on a QNAP Device, you may have noticed the built in transcoder doesn’t work on your recordings. The version of FFmpeg installed on QNAP through CodexPack doesn’t support AC/3 audio transcoding, which is what most TV broadcasts use (at least in the US). To solve this, I scoured the internet for a solution. I summarize it here for convenience.

  1. Install the QNAP FFmpeg version from QNAPClub.eu. This is the easiest way and it appears to be safe. You can also do this manually by grabbing FFmpeg on Github.
  2. Backup the installed version of FFmpeg:

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